The mission of the Facilities department is to plan for, build, maintain, and improve our school properties in a manner that supports academic success, safety and comfort to the users, and community pride in appearance.

Maintenance Services is committed to provide for the needs of the physical plant and keep the school safe, comfortable and environmentally conducive to aid in a good learning process.

We believe that maintenance and custodial are an important part of the public education process, just as all the other support services are. The physical characteristics of a school facility are looked upon by the community, administration, teachers, coaches, maintenance and custodial and anyone else who has contact with the Patterson Unified School District, as something to be proud of.

We realize the basic definition of “Ownership,” which we believe will generally include not only the planning, design and construction, but also maintenance, repairs, replacements, alterations and normal operations such as heating, cooling and lighting, as well as ultimate disposal. These operating costs are recognized as being long-term costs.

With having the understanding of “Ownership,” we base a lot of our decisions on trying to provide the district with the best possible environment for the kids, and we keep in mind the long term cost or savings when the decisions are being made. Whether it be a new piece of equipment or to update something, we need to understand the importance of providing the equipment necessary to perform the work in a safe, efficient and productive manner. This in turn saves the district problems and money in the long term.

Coordinator of Operations/Facilities
Daniel Saavedra


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