Welcome to the Patterson Unified School District’s Finance Department web site.

The Business Department is dedicated to maximizing our financial resources, thus enabling our students to attain their highest academic performance.

The Business Department’s personnel are client—focused and service oriented. They are committed to maintain financial records in strict accordance with all federal and state guidelines.

The Department is an integral part of the district and works in collaboration with all Departments, Divisions and schools throughout the District. From budget development to financial analysis, the Business Department is always ready to provide accurate and timely information in an effort to secure for our students every opportunity to excel.

Mission Statement

To provide accurate and timely financial information to all stakeholders, to enable them to make informed decisions.

To supplement and complement the efforts of other members of the organization to raise the achievement of our students.

Asst. Supt., Administrative Services
Steve Menge

Cristina Jasso, Administrative Assistant



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